Developed in partnership with leading fashion and press industry experts, Fashion Connect is a curated, invitation-only and ground-breaking online platform connecting brands to a global network of editors, stylists and fashion influencers in the fashion and beauty industries.

Created specifically for fashion and beauty press offices, luxury and designer brands, and multi-branded retailers, the Fashion Connect service delivers a collaborative communications platform that aims to change the way press and brands work together.

Fashion Connect simplifies the job of an editor by providing a private one stop shop media platform in the form of an e-commerce experience. Storyboards can a be created to shortlist products and product samples and hi-res images can be requested.

For the brand, the platform acts as a digital showroom and offers a directory of editors,stylists and fashion influencers, the ability to manage lookbooks, samples, view press requests and track any upcoming editorials.

Benefits for press


  • Manage Storyboards
  • Manage Multiple Stories
  • Browse Products from all over the globe.

Discover & Request

  • Discover New Brands
  • Find your favorite brands and shortlist them.
  • Request Samples and Hi-Res Imagery Directly.


  • Connect Directly with Brands and Press offices.
  • Access to Industry Database
  • Communicate on the platform with inMail.

Benefits for brands

"Tailored to all your PR needs."

Manage Assets

  • Create a Virtual Showroom
  • Manage Lookbooks
  • Manage Linesheets

Share with media

  • Showcase collections to International, national and regional media members
  • Manage your own privacy settings

Manage samples

  • Respond & Manage product requests
  • Manage Digital Loanforms


  • Press & Influencers Directory
  • Receive messages on the platform with in Mail.



Inventory Management

Product History

Member Directory